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Recetas Saludable / Healthy Recipes

April 8, 2011

by Nathalie Burack

Eating Right/ Healthier Recipes is a new category that we’ve added in order to make it easier for you to make healthy food choices, and maybe try some recipes that you might not have thought to use at first.  To get started, use the “Categories” drop-down menu on the right to select “Eating Right/Healthier Recipes.”  The most recent six healthy recipes will appear as a list.  To see more, follow the “Older Entries” link.

The recipes that are tagged in this category are considered healthier because they do not contain a lot of sugar, sodium, or fat. The information that I used to decide what recipes where healthier than others was from the American Dietetic Association’s website: Eat Their 2010 Dietary Guidelines recommend that we should eat less of the following: added sugars, solid fats (including trans fats), refined grains, and sodium.

We’re hoping to add many healthier recipes to La Cocina Historica in the future but for now here are four great recipes that we consider to be healthy choices: Fruit Skewers, Torta de Chayote (Chayote Squash Cake,) Tacos de Camarón Fresco, and Huevos al Estilo Español (Spanish Eggs).

American Dietetic Association. (2011). Eat Right: Everyday Eating for a Healthier You. Retrieved from

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