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Baked Bananas Part II

December 9, 2011

After my less-than-successful attempt to prepare a 1953 baked bananas recipe last month, several readers offered advice for achieving better results.  Suggestions included broiling the bananas,using plantains rather than sweet bananas; and creating the sauce simply by baking the brown sugar and butter with the bananas, rather than pre-caramelizing it.

One reader specifically recommended a baked plantain recipe from another cookbook in our collection: La Cocina Familiar En El Estado De Guerrero.  I decided to try two versions of this recipe–one with plantains and one with bananas.

Plátanos al Horno

5 plátanos machos 
100 g. mantequilla
1 taza de azúcar

  • Pelar los plátanos y cortarlos en rebanadas finas; colocarlas en capas en un recipiente refractario.
  • Añadir trocitos de mantequilla y espolvorear azúcar sobre cada capa.
  • Hornear a 200 °C durante quince minutos. 
  • Rinde 6 raciones

Receta de Amalia Avilés Orozco

Baked Plantains/Bananas

5 plantains or bananas
1/2 cup butter
1 cup sugar

  • Peel the plantains and cut into thin strips.  Layer the strips in a baking dish, adding bits of butter and sprinkling sugar over each layer as you go.
  • Bake at 390* for 15 minutes.
  • Serves 6.

Recipe from Amalia Avilés Orozco

In the Kitchen…

I prepared two versions of this dish–one with plantains and one with bananas.  In each case, I used brown sugar, so as to more closely replicate the “caramel” flavor of my previous attempt and baked them together at just below 400* F.

To my great surprise, this time I had no problems with the fruit blackening or becoming mushy in either the plantain or banana version.  Since I doubt that the caramelized sugar caused the problem, my best guess is that the metal baking dish I used last time may have reacted strangely with the fruit or sugar, though I will have to carry out another experiment to confirm that!

Both versions of this recipe were tasty and I recommend them.  Admittedly, the plantains were a little rubbery for my taste, but the bananas were absolutely delicious served over vanilla ice cream.

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